Where do I begin ! Loudspeakers sent by Hermes / Parcel2 go

Posted by: covjones
Location: Oldham
Company: Parcel2go
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

I live in Brighton I bought a pair of loudspeakers on gumtree from a seller who lives in Grimsby . Together we worked out the cost and packing arrangements we agreed weight dimensions. I accessed parcel2 go and found a quote from UPS which i thought fair. Also i have used UPS in the past and found them to be reliable . However later that evening when i went back to order the collection the quote was no longer there and the only viable alternative was Hermes. I was a little dubious but really wanted the speakers . So I arranged for a parcel weighing 30kg containing 2 loudspeakers to be collected from Grimsby to be delivered to me in Brighton.
I sent the address label vie email to the sender who informed me of how he had packed them and when they were due to be picked up.
4 days later ONE loudspeaker arrived the corners chipped and the tweeter dented . I contacted the seller who assuredd me that they were sent combined but then added that the courier had shown some concern about how he was going to get them in his van

The weight i received was 11kg this was in accordance with weight of one loudspeaker

Both the seller and I, within an hour of the delivery, contacted P2G explained the issue and I made a claim . The seller then sent me a statement and a transcript of the conversation he had with P2G.

A week later i contacted P2G as when i checked my status on the claim it had not been updated.
The upshot was that they advised me that they would reimburse me for only 1 speaker . The representative did not understand the logic of needing both speakers they also advised me that the other speaker had been located and it would be sent to me.

They would not accept teat the courier had split the parcel in 2 and in doing so lost one speaker and damaged the other.

The following evening the sender sent me a message advising me that the couriers had found the other speaker and was returning it to Grimsby.

I contacted P2G advised them of the situation who told me that they could not send it to me as Hermes had already placed it in transit and if i wanted it i would have to pay to have it redelivered.

I again tried to explain that the courier had split the parcel but they would not accept this.

So I have 1 loudspeaker which is damaged the other back with the seller and i am expected to pay transit fees again to have it delivered .

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