Posted by: Giovanni Covacich
Location: South Africa
Company: Parcel2Go & UPS
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

I registered and received confirmation for the collection & delivery of a parcel using the Parcel2Go UK service. Monies in the amount of £36 GBP was paid in advance for a same day service.

Parcel2Go automated service sent out a UPS tracking number, labels and related information, however, failed to collect the parcel.

Contact the Facebook / Parcel2Go Chat service is awful and they cut you off. The Parcel2Go Chat service operator (3rd person) after getting cut off by them are not very help and refusing to pay me a full refund.

Parcel2Go do not provide their consumers with a contact email faility. Parcel2Go should be investigated as they are misleading the public and do not stand responsible for the Couriers they directly or indirectly advertise.

I would like to have all of my monies refunded for a service that was not delivered or executed. Same Day Courier service does not mean companies like Parcel2Go can collect 3 days later and then not want to refund you. Parcel2Go is awful and their service leaves much to be desired.

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  1. I also had P2G blame late delivery on customs and it wasn’t held in customs at all… it wasn’t delivered until 5 days after their estimated due date because the word ‘street’ was missing it’s last letter because their computer’s data entry box wasn’t long enough for it to be typed in full so they did not put it out for delivery because there was an ‘incorrect address’ on it!!!! Despite the fact that a two year old could work out that ‘stree’ would probably mean ‘street’ and the fact I had given the name, phone number and email of the recipient they made no attempt to clarify the address and eventually the receiver contacted them and resolved the query so it could be put out for delivery. DPD (who were the subcontractor on this occasion) admitted it was terrible service (because along with delivery fiasco they had also failed to collect so I had delivered it to their depot for them!) and DPD offered me a refund. P2G were furious DPD had admitted the truth to me because it left their ‘customs delay which we have no control over’ lie in tatters… they still won’t agree to refund me as it’s ‘not their policy’ ‘even if I were a BIG company spending lots of money with them’ they would not help me further. And they wonmt refer me to a manager because the ‘manager will tell me the same thing as they have and it’s a waste of time’ ? what a joke. So annoyed…

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