Posted by: W. Williams
Location: Cwmbran
Company: Ultraframe UK Ltd

In connection with my postings relating to Greenway Home Improvements Ltd

Greenway fitted an Ultraframe Roofing System on my family’s conservatory. The finished project was not a professional built project as claimed in their advertising.

To rectify the problems left by Greenway, Mr Andrew Green is blackmailing my family, with outrageous terms that were not on the signed contract with Greenway.

Contact was made with the BBA concerning the quality of Ultraframe’s Roofing System.

The BBA found Ultraframe Roofing System product component fell below the quality standards, set by the BBA certificate.

Ultraframe stated the part would be replaced free of charge, but the replacement component has to go via Greenway, the company which is already blackmailing my family.

Ultraframe are using the same tactics as Greenway. My family has to abide by Ultraframe’s terms, or my family will not receive the replacement component.

Thus, Ultraframe are blackmailing my family, too.

Nice little set-up Mr Wallace, of Ultraframe and Mr Green, of Greenway has going here. If there is nothing untoward taking place, Ultraframe would deliver the replacement component to my home for a trusted installer of my family’s choosing.

Looks like their secrets are slowly being exposed bit by bit. Takes time but we are getting there.

Thinking of others, not just myself.

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