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This is something of a complaint, but also a way of asking for help – to ask what my rights are, and whether I have a leg to stand on.

Essentially, I have one tablet – a Google Nexus 6, I think. It’s okay, I barely ever use it, I bought it for a specific reason and then found a better way of doing it. I did it via a contract with EE (who I also have a mobile phone contract with), so I knew when I set it up, that I would be tied into a contract for two years. That was last year (2014) at the end of June.

As far as I was aware, I had two separate bills, one for my mobile phone, and one for my tablet. I had a fair amount going in and out of the account, had a salaried job plus another evening job, and didn’t manage to keep track of things as well as I should.

Recently, however, I quit the salaried job and became self-employed – loooots less money, lots of things to get on top of to make sure I start saving money, and I waded into my bank account to try to close down any superfluous direct debits and standing orders, and keep things streamlined. It was then (within the last couple of months…!) that I noticed that I had three direct debits with EE – one was clearly for my phone, another, I thought, must have been for my tablet…but what was the other?

When I did call specifically about the tablets and finally got to the bottom of it, it turned out that two separate tablets had been delivered back in June, one to my old address and one to the address that I was living in at the time, which I had received.

I vaguely remember phone calls being made at the time, maybe my realising once it had been delivered, that it must have gone to the wrong address, and calling to tell them of my new address so that the tablet could be delivered properly…but that’s about it. As it turns out, the first one was never cancelled (spoke to at least two different advisors, as usual), and two separate accounts have been linked to my name in the meantime.

Because it was £20 per month it wasn’t that noticeable at the time, but they’ve basically got £350 of my money over the last year and a half. For a device that hasn’t been used or even seen. About the third person I spoke to (opened the case a couple of times because every time you call 150 you get through to a different call centre), said that I had to ring UKMail who delivered the parcel, and check what happened…but obviously it’s so long ago that they had no details. I’ve asked them a few times whether they might be able to check the original phone calls, but apparently they don’t store those either…really? Last year isn’t *that* long ago…

Question: is the onus on me to prove it wasn’t delivered to me, or on EE to prove that it was delivered? I’m at a loss but somehow I don’t think it’s fair that £350 should go to them, with no recourse for me at all!

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