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This relates to an issue going back to September 14. Last September Sky began rolling out firmware updates to its customer owned Sky boxes. This firmware has caused many thousands of set top boxes to become unstable, fail recordings and become unresponsive.

When the matter is reported to Sky the service desk advise the customer that they will have to pay £65 for an engineer visit which will supply the user with a refurbished set top box.
Many users have paid this but I object as the boxes worked fine prior to the updates.

Sky have been contacted via a number of platforms to comment as to why six months later this is still an issue and why there is no date set for a fix. More importantly Sky have not apologised for issue or detailed any action plan. In addition Sky support teams have a lack of clarity with some offshore staff still advising customers that will need a chargeable repair.
What really annoys me is that as we were making headway collectively on the Sky community forum, Sky closed the thread siting breaches of forum rules. This was only after I wrote to the CEO team at Sky urging them to resolve the issue. Also since then my Sky forum account has been banned and even if I reset a new account that is banned within a few hours. Sky are clearly trying to bury this issue and anyone who draws public attention to the matter will be banned from its forum. If you thinking about buying Sky think again. The company clearly is adverse to customer care. I for one will be closing my account due to this but as I’m still within contract will have to site breach of contract as Sky have failed to supply an acceptable standard of service as well as causing damage to my three set top boxes rending them faulty.

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