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Posted by: Milly
Location: Johannesburg
Company: Parcel2go
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Managed to get the contact details of Sally Chandler, head of customer services, at 1456 (south african time) contacted Sally, at 1532 she replied and told me not to worry as she was going to try and resolve my query,at 1548 she had located my parcel and was ready to be shipped to me, It took her less than an hour to resolve an issue that i was told by the Online Chat representatives would take atleast 14days. Iam just waiting for my tracking number once they have sent my parcel to the couriers by tomorrow morning. What more great service can you ask for. I salute you Ms Chandler. Wish all the online Chat representatives were as clued up as this wonderful lady, will definitely use parcel2go services again. Iam all smiles now

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  1. My parcel was suppose to be delivered to me from the UK on the 13th already. I am still waiting. We paid extra for the quick delivery service. What is the hold up, who can I speak to at Parcel2Go South Africa

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