Currys customer service quite variable

Posted by: Bob Walker
Location: Brighton
Company: Currys
Company Website:

What prompted me to write this review is that Currys recently came out near the bottom of a (I think) ‘Which’-magazine-sponsored survey, in terms of the quality of its customer service for people wanting to buy a new computer. We recently bought a laptop there and we pleasantly surprised to have been met by courteous, apparently well-informed and helpful staff. The first person told us what all those mystifying Hz numbers meant, together with which were important and which weren’t for the uses we had planned for the new computer, and recommended a number of models. The second Curry’s assistant recapped what the first one had said, then very patiently waited while we dithered for quite some time over our narrowed-down choice of two computers. While he was keen for us to take up the various extras offered with the machine (eg discount virus checker software etc.) but wasn’t too pushy about this and appeared, in a very unsalesman-like manner, to respect our final decision.

So I suppose in summary, the quality of Currys customer service is really quite variable, perhaps not sellers of electronics for die-hard techhie-heads but all right for the high street.

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