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Location: Sensory Toy Warehouse,Shore Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1EP
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sensory toy warehouse failed to deliver my order so i looked on there facebook page and discovered they had some bad reviews.
Also in an attempt to boost there facebook score on the reviews i saw one review as wrote by:
Carole Bryson
· 5 December 2016
She said
Fantastic everything! Nothing is too much trouble for anyone. Emails are answered promptly. Customer Service is Fab! Such a huge choice of products, good quality and reasonable prices. Delivery is excellent. What more would anyone want? Thank you!
Seems like a decent review you may think… Think again.
However upon looking into this review it became obvious that the review was wrote by a member of there own staff and evidence to support this is attached
Please see the screenshots

So clear evidence that a review wrote on the companies facebook page was in fact written by a member of there own staff.
Please note i have a large cache of further evidence with proves beyond all doubt that they have been writing reviews to sell themselves as a respectable business yet if you look at the facebook page for the company here is a few of the real reviews for sensory toy warehouse
Simone Scott reviewed Sensory Toy Warehouse – 1 star
24 December 2016 ·
I placed an order on 14th that hasnt arrived STW ignored all my calls and emails i have been making since 19th never told me when i chased up my order they closed on 21st december told me they would check with the supplier and advise me of a delivery date but instead of letting me know they ignored me and have left my daughter without her 2 main presents, absolute disgrace!
Heres another review
David Mason Well said Simone, I had an issue similar to yours and I was and still am devastated my Son missed out on his big Christmas present that I paid £300 for. I was absolutely disgusted, devastated, apoplectic with rage and expressed it vehemently to this company and the tone, attitude and snippy responses I’ve had today from one of their customer service advisers has totally compounded the issue. The implication from the last response I got is I should be grateful I got anything from them at all and I shouldn’t have been so nasty when I vented my feelings to them. Some sort of contrition for what they put my Son and I through without qualifying it by blaming every other Tom, Dick and Harry may have got a similar response from myself to them but no, not a bit of it.

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