Posted by: Sarah Sutton
Location: Nottingham
Company: boohoo
Company Website: www.boohoo.co.uk

I completely admit that the nature of my complaint is caused by a mistake that was made by me, but I’ve never dealt with a company that are less willing to help! I recently moved homes – and on my boohoo online account it completely slipped my mind to update the new address, I have managed to change basically everything over apart from this. As I was making my order I got to the final stage processed the order then realized I hadn’t updated the system with my new address and the order had finalised, I immediately started searching the internet for boohoo’s telephone no. (as i’ve called them in the past and they were great) I was very disappointed when I called to find out they no longer speak to customers on the phone and it stated on the automated message I must either tweet or facebook them.

I sent their customer service an email which I got a generic email back saying it will take 24 hours for them to reply – none of this was helpful to my situation as I had paid for next day delivery. I can’t arrange picking the package up from the old property as its empty now and I have no access. I finally received an email back from boohoo who said the address cannot be changed!? and that I will just have to wait for the courier to send the package back to their depot. So I am now left in a situation which they refuse to help me – I have paid for next day delivery that I’m not going to receive, when all I simply want to do is change the address on the order!!

I don’t know whether to try and contact Hermes directly once I’ve received a dispatch email but I am disgusted that a large company couldn’t understand that people make mistakes – any other online retailer this would have been a mistake that was corrected within 10 mins, I wont ever be using them again as I am disgusted in the service and from the reviews I am reading I’m growing very concerned that I am never going receive this order.

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