Pretty little nightmare

Posted by: Jeannette
Location: Lindon
Company Website:

I am a first time customer of Pretty little I returned a parcel weeks ago as the fit was not good along with parcel to other well known company’s who have refunded me straight away. Pretty little thing have not confirmed they have received my return have not started the refund process and ignore my emails. Such a joke I will never buy from them again I’m a single mother and really am out of pocket now I’ve been waiting for my money to be refunded in order to by another dress for a wedding I need to go to it looks like I will be unable to buy one now very upsetting. And after a quick Google search I see numerous complaints about this company

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  1. Hi Jeanette, I am experiencing a very similar issue. Returned my itemsa (about £100 worth) nearly a month ago. Have proof of purchase and have sent numerous emails but still no reply. Did you eventually get your refund/ how long did it take?


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