Parcel2Go are Scammers! Plain and Simple fact

Posted by: Freddie
Location: Bolton
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website:

1. Parcel2Go is a middleman connecting you and courier companies and making a hefty £50m+ a year for no work done.Period!
2. If you send parcels via their website and select UPS Express Saver or UPS Express, you are eligible for a refund as per the terms of UPS UK which can be found by searching “UPS Money-back guarantee”, however, Parcel2Go will deny you any claims. Guess who goes back to UPS to make the claim for themselves? Parcel2Go.
3. UPS Express for inland deliveries is a guaranteed service, both time and day-definite, however, Parcel2Go will issue a UPS Standard shipping label and claim that they do not guarantee delivery or pickup, when you have paid for Express service. In effect, you are being ripped off.
4. If possible, go directly to the courier companies themselves. You will get a better deal. DHL, FedEx, TNT, Parcelforce etc.
5. For the love of mankind, avoid Parcel2Go, as they take all the benefits from the courier companies and leave you with all the liabilities!!!

Update 20/12/2017:
1. It is absolutely bull to claim that courier companies require individuals to send £50,000 worth of goods in order to open an account. DHL does a good job of opening accounts for individuals, likewise UPS, myHermes, TNT and all the others. There are no limits to these accounts. You can send one package a year, or 10,000 a year. No limits.

2. 24 hour customer service? Who needs that anyway when courier companies have manned customer service desks during the day when deliveries are being made? What does your customer service do at 11pm in the night when a courier company has failed to deliver a package and the receiver is upset? Does your customer service send a team of sympathisers to the receivers address to comfort them? You add no value to the delivery chain. You are just in it to make money; another company putting profits before people!

3. You assertion that you do not guarantee deliveries (when the courier companies whose services you are piggybacking on do) is also bull. You know why you don’t guarantee your deliveries? So that you can make the claim from the courier companies yourselves and keep 100% of the proceeds from the claim, in case they fail to deliver. This is how to rip off UK consumers 100%. Kudos for that!!

4. With 75% of Christmas deliveries being delivered outside of promised time-frame, I believe consumers should be given their money back for failing to uphold your end of the contract.

5. I sent a UPS parcel to a receipient in Italy on December 18th via UPS Express Saver, which is supposed to be delivered on the 19th December. Due to a mechanical failure on a UPS truck, my parcel was not delivered until 20th December. I had to refund the customer and contacted Parcel2Go for my money back, as UPS Express Saver is a money-back guarantee service. Parcel2Go denied my refund however, as a logistics industry veteran I am more than certain that Parcel2Go will contact UPS and claim the refund from UPS and not pass it to me. I have chat transcripts in my possession denying me of my right to a refund, whereas Parcel2Go will in turn make use of the UPS money back guarantee to seek money back and keep it to themselves.

Parcel2Go are well aware of this hence, they have no telephone numbers on their website to call when dealing with them. It’s the worst company I’ve come across in the UK managed by amateurs!!!

If you want Proof of Purchase, this is your reference number P2G46868123 and don’t tell me service description is incorrect when it is clearly stated on the UPS website that UPS Express Saver is a next day delivery service with a money-back guarantee!! A simple google search will confirm my assertion.


  1. I have just been scammed by Parcel2go, My Dx 24 parcel went missing nearly 3 months ago and P2P have dragged it out this long before rejecting my claim as an item on their list……their list covers just about everything often in very vague terms! I am now £200 out of pocket and they insult me by giving me a good faith payment of the carriage back.

    These people are out and out scammers and I will never again use a broker for my carriage. Best advice here is go direct with a company at least then you are fighting with just one business….the actual courier.

    I guarantee if you read these peoples list of items you can’t claim on, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything you can. Do not use Parcel2go….you will regret it in the end.

    If you are wondering what i sent…..stationary engine magnetos, old and in need of refurb….there isn’t a courier in the land that would reject these in a claim, they are not glass, explosive, batteries etc (IE normal things they don’t insure) But Parcel2go can reject anything if it involves them handing money over

  2. Wow.. I’m actually having now the same situation. I sent a parcel to Chile last Thursday. 16/07 and bought a Worldwide Express Service from them. They provided me with tons of labels and customs documents to include with the parcel. (A birthday present for the 19th that is still on transit).

    Surprise, surprise… the parcel got stuck 3 days in Memphis, before going to Puerto Rico for a full day and then going to Brazil, Argentina and finally Chile. It’s been waiting in between “In transit and Customs Clearance” to return to customs clearance again.

    Parcels2go asked me to contact again once the parcel was received to submit a claim for a “compensation” I got it in writing, although later the operator from Customer Services probably realising his mistake wrote “but it’s not guaranteed”. I took the chance at the same time to write to Fedex directly which provided with the response to contact the broker and ask for more information about the parcel, and as this is done thorough Parcel2Go to contact them directly.

    I’ve just contacted Customer Services again and they said “Our services are not guaranteed as advised in the service description. We aren’t able to refund for the delay.” I was completely shocked and furious and asked them to raise the matter as a complaint which she seemed to be denying even the possibility until I mentioned to go to Trading Standards.

    She said that she would put this through the high management. What should I expect? Is there any course of action I can take regarding this matter?


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