Parcel lost without trace now being fobbed off by “customer service”

Posted by: Kerryn
Location: London
Company: Parcel2go
Company Website:

If only I had read the reviews online beforehand I would never have used this company or the courier company OCS. My parcel started off ok but got to OCS’ “secure reception” where it never moved from. Obviously whoever was at reception liked the contents of the parcel for themselves! I had it insured for the value of what I paid for the items but they were bought on sale and can not be replaced for this value. OCS are saying they never recieved the parcel. Parcel2go are saying they are “waiting for a response from the courier” – we have been in limbo for 6 weeks. I picked up the phone and got confirmation from OCS within a day that the parcel is lost. 6 weeks later I am still waiting for someone at Parcel2Go to take some responsibility and declare the parcel lost so I can get my money back. But no one wants to take any blame for losing it and until they do Parcel2Go keep fobbing me off with “we are waiting for the courier”. It does not help that you can only contact Parcel2Go by live chat so every conversation has around an hour wait between each reply – so frustrating! I am getting close to taking them to small claims court as on top of the value of £220 and the £35 courier fee, it taking up so much of my time chasing them. AVOID like the plague unless you want to see no trace of your parcel and spend hours trying to get compensation out of them!

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