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Company: Parcel2Go
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Since I wrote this, my complaint has been settled – I describe how at the end but please read the ‘story’ before using this company.

Like many others, I also had a parcel lost by Parcel2Go but they wouldn’t pay compensation because I didn’t pay £1 up front for this nor did I pay extra for a signature. However, I felt the company was negligent in handling my parcel because it did not adhere to its own terms and conditions so compensation should be due anyway. The T&Cs say that parcels are delivered to an alternative address if the recipient is not in and a calling card is left advising of its location. If there is no suitable alternative address that can receive the parcel, they take it back to the depot and try twice more to deliver. So, in my case, the driver did not leave it at an alternative address but in an ‘outbuilding’ which, according to their customer services adviser, can be a meter box, a bin cupboard or ‘other’, these being deemed a ‘safe place’. No calling card left. Not what I understood when I purchased their service. The recipient lived in a flat with no associated outbuilding that she can think of and did not find the parcel. All subsequent communications were ultra-polite with apologies for inconvenience etc. but the company was not prepared to address the fact that they had not applied their T&Cs to my order and that, therefore, this was plain negligence. I felt this was unfair treatment on the part of the company who should accept that they had a particular obligation to me in these circumstances, compensate me and notify the staff who did not adhere to their publicised T&Cs.

The day after I submitted this review, I heard from the company again, reiterating that drivers are permitted to leave parcels in a safe place of their choosing but, as a gesture of goodwill, the company would process my claim. I was offered reimbursement for the cost of the item or a prepaid amount into my Parcel2Go account. I accepted the former.

I was obviously pleased that the company had agreed to reimburse me but pointed out to them that, had it been made clear in the T&Cs on the website that the driver could basically leave my parcel where he liked, this situation would not have arisen because I would have made different choices and, therefore, the wording should be changed. I should also point out to other potential customers that I had to keep at it before reaching this satisfactory outcome to demonstrate that I was not going to give up easily.

So the moral is probably to either use this company and pay the extra for compensation and signature (which actually adds quite a bit on and may make them less competitive) or to go directly through the courier. And read the T&Cs!

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