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I wish I had seen this site and read the comments before I used them. I used Yodel through their site because I thought they would be good. I packaged an exercise bike in a box that was used for a washing machine and put extra cardboard packaging inside and wrapped anything inside I thought could be damaged with bubble wrap. The buyer contacted me the next day with photos and the package was completely ruined and the pedals and inner plastic casing all broken. I sent in the claim for to Parce12go and the photos and as you cannot speak to anyone there it has been all emails. They refuse to refund the cost of the postage even though they did destroyed it and broke the item!! They will pay for the item as I had covered it but they say now that I should have included postage costs in that, all it asked for was the value of the item. I will never use them again and please be warned. I have sold lots of things on ebay and this has never happened to me before.

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  1. I have had a similar experience, I also paid extra for insurance as the item was fragile. It arrives broken into several pieces, I’m now told my claim is rejected as it is on the list of items not covered by insurance, even though I told them what it was and paid the extra. A complete waste of time, will never ever use again, they don’t care. £28 for the parcel and an extra £16 to insure, plus the £210 for the item, expensive mistake to use them!

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