Posted by: Tee
Location: South Molton, Barnstaple
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website:

We have placed 2 orders on Parcel2Go website and paid by credit card. The website is easy to use and gives slots for collection time, each time we placed an order it was for same day collection. One to the USA and one to Canada. They failed to collect each parcel 3 times!!!! we upgraded the one to USA and cancelled the one to Canada and arranged for another courier to collect the Canadian parcel.

After a long online Live Chat with Parcels2go we asked for cancellation and a refund for the parcel going to Canada. Although the LifeChat told me this would be done, apparently I hung up the chat after I requested ‘refund’ which is their excuse for not proceeding with the refund or cancellaton. What part of CANCEL & REFUND they do not understand is baffling. So after 4 failed attempts to collect the Canadian parcel they managed to collect it first thing the following morning after it had been requested cancelled and refund. Once we realised we immediately requested a STOP before it left the country.

However, nothing was done to cancel, stop, whatever, and I have now had to pay to get the goods back as the recipient received their goods via the more efficient courier we had booked and would not be there to accept this last late cancelled delivery as they were off for 6 months, 2 days before the parcel would have been delivered. So the long and short is DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The after sales service is appalling with no compensation for their mistakes. Although they appear cheaper they cost more at the end of the day in courier fees, returns, and worst of all poor customer service also there is no telephone number available so you cannot speak to anyone and the LiveChat is hidden as well as possible. AVOID USING THIS COMPANY.

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