Posted by: Mark
Location: Tenby, Swansea
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website:

in all honesty all of the drop down list I could fill a wall about parcel2go,they are the worst bunch of incompetent cretins I have ever dealt with.I bought a brake cylinder off ebay more than 2 weeks ago,i’ve never had it and I doubt I will,i’ve emailed them they quote some consumer privacy cobblers then cut me off,my item is stuck on a van going around south pembs,why they don’t authorize the driver to deliver I don’t know,even the person I bought from has told these cretins and they still wont give me what is mine,I hope they burn in hell,everyone who has dealings with these idiots should complain to trading standards,watchdog or anyone who’ll show them up for the shoddy useless idiots they are.

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