Posted by: Jason49mac
Location: Margate, Canterbury
Company: Amazon
Company Website: www.amazon.co.uk

Today I went to purchase the Fire TV stick to compliment my Prime paid for TV service.
As Amazon do not allow the PRIME to be watched on devices other than Smart TV / Kindle Fire I thought this would be a solution to watch on my large screen TV.
Having read in PC Advisor that there were promtional deals – only £19 for existing Prime customers – Updated to £25 for all customers I thought why not.
Of course when I clicked on the device on their site – not £25 but £35.
I wrote to them to query this and got convoluted responses including ” As the article in the link you provided was published on the 21st May 2015 we are unable to honor any price match as the promotion has not ended. ” I would have assumed that I am able to claim this promotion [yes their line does state “has not ended” ]. But of course they wheedle on about cometitiveness etc.
I have included Jeff B and Chris North in the emails, but I think they are to monopolistic to care about customers of 10 years and thousands of pounds.

Have set to yes to stop it generating hundreds of emails via Amazon.

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