Posted by: Zz
Location: Fulham, London
Company: Sainsburys
Company Website:

My account was prohibited by Sainsbury’s as 1) my order was delivered to a prohibited address; 2) For one product I ordered too many from them

I believe there is no solid ground for this prohibition and it is a discrimination against me as their customer.

If there is a prohibited address, to me it is fair for them to stop any order going to that address. If there is a limit on how many of certain product one customer can purchase, they can stop the customer from purchasing over the limit by not allowing extra amount put into the on line shopping trolley in the first place.

It was a huge disappointment for me when they canceled my paid order without notifying me and I was absolutely shocked when I learnt that they even prohibited my account and the accounts of my family members from future purchases.

When I tried to contact them to resolve the issue, their On-line team asked me to speak to store, and store asked me to speak to on-line. After several phone calls back and force in couple of weeks, and couple of promised call backs failed, they finally asked me to write to their headquarter without giving me a contact or department name to write to.

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