Posted by: Ladycaz
Location: Croydon
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

my husband has a account with this company so we used them to post a parcel at the begining of December.The person we sent the parcel to did not receive it so we contacted parcel2go.
They said they would look into it and to give them a few days.Mean time we refund our buyer.we contated them again after not hearing anything they said it was coming back to us.Then after a few day we hear that the company they had used city link had gone into administration.

So we contacted parcel2go they again said they would get the parcel back to us we asked how as it some how was in Northamton and we had originaly sent it to a kent address form croydon. They said did not know but dont worry it will be retured. By the middle of January nothing so we again contacted them.This time they said put in a claim.
We filed our claim and everything we showed was approvied we still heared nothing.By now it was the end of January so we contacted again.

Once more we were told we needed to give them more time.So we waited till today 15/02/2015 we thought we had been more than patient and we when tried to login into our account to live chat.Imagin our surprise our account detail did not work and no account with these detail.So no account no live chat no refund and to add in insult to all the lies we had been told .About getting a refund they had closed our account with money in it we know it was only 40p but had they not taken enought from us over the time we had used them and no refund they need to take what was in the account balance.
If this is how the work I will never use them again and will advise others to do the same.

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