Posted by: Ram
Location: Preston
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

I sent a parcel (TV) via Parcel2Go, To my disappointment the TV got lost (surprise surprise). I wrote to Parcel2Go as this is the only way you can communicate because it is easier for them to ignore your concerns without giving you proper details who and what department will be dealing with your complain and how you can take your complain further if you are not happy with their respond.

I had to put a claim in and they accepted that the parcel is lost and they don’t know what happened to it. The cost of TV was £200.00 but they have offered me £10.00. To me they have been irresponsible and negligent and they think by just offering a minimal amount they can get away with their lack of responsibility.
They won’t give me details of how to take it further as I am not happy with their offer.
Now I would like to know if anybody could help me as how to get this company to own up to their responsibility and pay the cost of TV and other charges.


  1. You have to keep telling their claims department that this is not acceptable and that, if necessary, you will take this to the small claims court in order to recoup your losses. You can find out how to do this online. However, you need to show that you have tried to sort this out with the company before making a small courts claim so keep sending them emails telling them their offer is not good enough and asking them what they propose to do about it. Keep all communications as evidence.

  2. Sent a parcel 3 weeks ago to be delivered to Texas US which was supposed to be delivered by 19 May at the latest. Tracking was still showing it as being in a depot in Hounslow on 17 May so asked what was going on. Was told US parcels had been returned due to a problem and they had “NO IDEA” when it would be reshipped. Have chased and chased but no answer to my emails and no better idea now what is going on. Why don’t they just communicate with their customers! Have lost a lot of money over this and nobody there will even reply. Frustrated beyond belief. When everything works they are great but if something goes wrong God help you!!

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