Live chat hopeless. No customer service.

Posted by: @CHGardner
Location: Kings Hill Kent
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website:

No collection, I took parcel to depot. Paid for 48hr delivery to Belgium with additional insurance. P2G sent via DPD. Not delivered on thurs, or Friday or Monday. Finally delivered Tuesday. DPD admitted lots of errors on this consignment and told me they would be refunding P2G who could refund me. Spent a month on live chat trying to explain all this. Ref number given was not recognised so now conveniently there is not record of any of these useless chats. After a month I took to social media to provoke a response. Received a reply to PM with more info. I did this several times. Eventually I got a reply. Slowly as this escalated I got an email then a telephone call. They were completely unapologetic, told me the service is not guaranteed despite quoting me a 48hour delivery, told me they do not issue refunds. I persisted and eventually because DPD has been talking with me they had to eventually agree to refund the carriage costs but wouldn’t refund the insurance part which I had also paid for because it had been ‘used’. I made no claim. All I wanted was a refund for what I had paid. Asked for call back from manager/supervisor to resolve. They told me the manager would call in 48 hours. 6+ days later I insisted on being connected to a anager because I had still not been called. Miraculously one was available in 5 mins to call me. Was told again it’s not their policy to refund or resolve a failure to deliver because their service isn’t guaranteed. Eventually a refund was sent to me from DPD NOT from P2G. P2G will still not refund and will not pass to manager. So we’re at stalemate a month and a half later…. worst service I have received in my life. And I used to work for a freight company’s customer service team so I know the process and the delivery possibilities. They are full of crap, lies and failed promises, use negative language (a customer service no no) have no art of compromise, no routes of communication, no effective escalation policy their live chat is abysmal, and they still quote estimated delivery times on their quotes which have no bearing on reality because they do nothing to attempt delivery within that estimated window… and make no apologies when they fail…

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