Posted by: Tony777
Location: Romford, London
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

I contacted parcel2go on the Thursday requesting a collection on Friday. I paid for a 24 hour service it and sat back. Got a text message on Friday morning stating parcel will be collected between 0700 to 1900. Waited in all day. No collection driver. Then I got another text saying I was out when they tried to collect. I was fuming, cant speak to Parcel2go by phone, had to use live chat. I was promised a collection on Monday. So waited in all day Monday, and guess what….. no show again. Contacted Parcel2go yet again. They gave me their word that it would definatly be collected Tuesday. Tuesday morning, text message saying it was going to be collected.
Tuesday afternoon, got another text saying that I was out when the collection driver arrived.:mad: I WAS IN ALL DAY! I ended up driving 35 miles to a TNT depot and giving them the parcel. I was treated so well by TNT unlike Parcel2go.

Hopefully,I was just unlucky, but I cannot trust Parcel2go again unless they change radically.
Parcel2go sounds really good, but they failed me big time

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  1. On 15/11/16 I booked an urgent parcel to go to Sweden, which was supposed to be picked up at my house by DPD between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm on the day. After waiting all day, no one came to pick it up. The next day 16/11/16, I contacted the chat service and ask what had happen and offered to drop the parcel off at Matalan, our nearest drop off point. The chat agent told me that the service I had was not a drop off service. I asked the agent for a refund and booked a delivery with drop off instead. I dropped the urgent parcel at 14:05 on 16/11/16. When I tracked the parcel the next day 17/11/16, I was very upset to see that the parcel was not picked up from Matalan until 07:28 on 17/11/16.

    On 21/11/17 and according to the tracking, the parcel was still in Germany. The parcel eventually arrived at its destination on 23/11/16. 8 days from my first attempt. They will not refund or accept responsibility.

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