Posted by: Ambrettagold
Location: Kettering
Company: Yodel
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Yodel has lost the parcel they were supposed to deliver to me and say it has been delivered but the signature is forged. Unfortunately the person sending the parcel did not insure it and all Yodel will do is refund the postage. They should surely investigate the matter and it is clear the signature is not right, the person who sent the parcel has a copy of the signature, they should refund for the item even if it isnt insured in these circumstances but they just dont want to know.

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  1. Weeks later and we are getting nowhere with parcel2go. They have said that they have dealt with the driver, when asked if they then admit that he did commit fraud they clammed up and just passed us around the system again. This driver signed the delivery note and the goods were never received, we have proof of the signed delivery note and I did not sign it, how can this be so difficult to deal with. All we are asking is that they refund the value of the goods. Good customer service would dictate that they do that, but this company is just so diabolical they don’t work by the rules. Don’t use them ,you have been warned.

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