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Location: London
Company: Walsall Council
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I have a private rental property in Walsall and it was always tenanted and I had never lived in this property. The tenant had not been paying the rent for the past few months and I am informed that the tenant had been seeking advice from the Council and possible Council housing.

The Council staff had advised the tenant not to pay the rent and the Landlord cannot do much as it would take a long time to evict you. In the meantime, we will find you a Council property.

On the advise of the Council Staff, the tenant stopped paying rent. In the past month or so (not exactly sure of the date) the tenant had vacated and absconded and abandoned my rental property with considerable damage to the property in addition to the rent arrears. I do not have the current address of the tenant who is currently being provided with Council property. Without the current address of the tenant, I am unable to issue a County Court Claim against the tenant for the financial loss.

To add fuel to the fire, the Walsall Council has surprised me with a Council Tax Notice stating that the tenant had not paid the Council Tax and the debt outstanding is £949.97. The Walsall Council is now threatening me with legal action if I don’t pay the tenant’s Council Tax arrears.

I am outraged with the Walsall Council. In fact, it was the Council Staff who encouraged the tenant to not pay the rent and possibly encouraged the tenant not to pay the Council Tax. Now the same Council is threatening me with legal actions for the tenant’s Council Tax arrears of £949.97. Above all, the same Council is protecting this tenant by not releasing the current address of the tenant for me to pursue the tenant in the Court of Law. I deem this as “obstructing the course of justice” by the Council by not releasing the current address of the tenant.
I want the Council to provide me with the current address of the tenant and also write-off (or take the Council Tax debt against the tenant) the Council Tax arrears.


  1. your tenant left so you are liable for council tax from the date of vacation. You may get a discount but most councils have removed them on empty properties now.

    Plus I doubt the council told your tenant to stop paying rent! Your tenant made that choice.

  2. You, sir, are an idiot.

    No Council would ever advise a tenant to stop paying rent. Its a very grey area and rarely works.

    You are either a liar or a moron. Which is it?

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