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Company: Cleaning Made Easy
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To those looking for an honest, reputable and decent cleaning company I strongly advise you NOT to go anywhere Cleaning Made Easy. This to date has been the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I was initially attracted to the Cleaning Made Easy by the website stating that the cleaning service is second to none, that the staff are top quality cleaners, that the standards are consistent. That the staff are fully vetted and the company is fully insured.

Sadly this is not an honest, caring or decent cleaning company. I used this company cleaning services for some time now (more the fool me, I should have cancelled the services a long time ago). During that time there have been many cases of the cleaners damaging my property and personal items. This has recently come to a head with the cleaner damaging an antique chest which initially Jayne Mitchell (owner of cleaning made easy) agreed to pay for the repair of the chest of drawers, admittedly I did not get on with getting quotes to get the repair but now that I have she is has refused to pay. And finally things went very wrong when the cleaners used a product that has stained the carpet in 2 places, one on the landing just outside the bathroom, the other in the hall which is a shoe print that is not mine or my partners. I had told Jayne that the cleaners at the time had left a lot of residue on the kitchen floor which when getting home after work I had to clear up myself. This could be the cause of the stain by the cleaner inadvertently stepping on the kitchen floor that had been recently cleaned and residue still prevalent and then onto the carpet in the hall. Getting a professional cleaner to try and remove the stains sadly did not work. As the stains materialised over time due to the cleaner using a product that had attracted dirt therefore not showing the stains immediately. I could not give an exact date as to when the stain occurred. Jayne Mitchell quoted the terms and conditions that if there is any problem with the service you need to notify her within 48 hrs. How can you notify someone when something like this occurs?

This brings me onto another point that I mentioned earlier that the cleaners had damaged several items, of which I did complain about. Funny how it left to the customer to call and make the complaint and not the cleaner informing Jayne and then Jayne calling myself to apologise for damage caused Jayne Mitchell has agreed after many flurry of emails to pay 50% toward a new carpet. However, she should have agreed to pay for the complete replacement but life is too short and I guess I should thank my blessings that I am getting anything out of this terrible company.

I am not in the habit of writing reviews and especially as long as this, but I am outraged at the lack of care and diligence by this cleaning company. I cannot emphasise enough to any would be customers to stay well away from this awful company.

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