Posted by: Gillian Hawkin
Location: Haswell Plough
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website:

parcel2go are like most big companies quick to take your money packed full of promises .please be very wary of parcel2go even if you have to pay a tiny bit more for royal mail .I had an elna press collected from a friend in london ,it was collected and logged on the system .it was brand new but I paid only 145 as it was throu a friend .then by magic it just disappears days later .there HELP line I suspect is computerised or in india with people who speak no english .either way you just get one line answers like …heres the link make a claim blah then goodbye close .so no help .then the claims process starts /up to date they have stolen around 10 items ,they dont check with the driver so they clearly give them free rein to steal …please explain how a man can collect an item log it on the stystem then it just goes .10 times I dont think so / we have given reciepts of payment you ask WHATS holding it up they want proof it was collected ????are you serious anyone out there know how to help me make this companie wake up and smell the roses .does anyone know how to find the managers email or phone no …if we dont get our money im going to the police why should they be allowed to cover theft up with a cyber wall .I wont give up and will keep you posted ,we both want answers


  1. I too had similar experiences. they have lost 2 ebay parcels of mine, no compensation although the people in India asked for loads of details of my parcels – height, weight, depth, etc, screen shots of the ebay transactions, etc etc, then said sorry we cant find your parcel,Then an email said my claim accepted,good i thought, then 2nd email said not accepted, but they had given me my delivery charge back, big deal, I then said I wont deal with them anymore because of the dishonesty of drivers, and asked to please refund the money left in my parcel2go account, now the money in my pre-pay account has disappeared but they wont refund it to me. that is theft surely

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