Posted by: Jason49mac
Location: Margate, Canterbury
Company: BT
Company Website:

BT have reneged on their commitment to Loyal Broadband customers having access to BT Sports for FREE.
They now send you a letter regarding the demand for payment less than 9 WORKING days prior including day of delivery] to increasing your bill [DD] during the summer period to ensure they ensnare as many as possible who may not be able to respond in time!

They even have the cheek [if you check your bill] to state “BT Sport discount for BROADBAND LOYALTY” !

Let’s be honest they prove that BT is in it for the greed and abuse their monopoly position [Openreach/BT] to basically demand and force residential customers, especially where they have made it difficult for other providers to supply through their exchanges!
VIRGIN please come to Margate!!
I have responded to BT – Libby Barr, Warren Buckley and also Ofcom

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