Posted by: Magier
Location: Wolverhampton
Company: Argos
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I bought mattress in store on 1.02.14,delivery date on 15th feb. on the 15th had a phone call from argos customer service saying, their van broke down, they can deliver on mon morning. booked a day off, waiting till 12… nothing,contacted them to hear”ur item was delivered at 8.30″, yet it wasnt, phone cut off, rang again to hear “ur delivery been rescheduled,we will deliver ur item today between 1 and 3 o’clock”, waiting again, half past two rang them again to hear “oh im sorry ur not schedueled 4 today”… rang customer complain service, they can deliver it on 14th of march/yet their web says when u want and where u want/, not happy with it, they dont hav the item in stock/yet they had it in the van on sat, plus on their web they hav my mattress,put my post code and it said delivery within 5 days/. alternatively they offered me a different mattress 50 pounds dearer, obviously they would pay the difference, yet they cannot guarantee it will b delivered sooner than 4 wks time…. im really upset wiv their service, telling fibs or neglecting to tell the truth,as well as waiting time for delivery/2 wks aleady +another 4 wks/, any idea how to deal wiv it pls?

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