Posted by: Deno
Location: Bradford
Company: Parcel2Go
Company Website: www.parcel2go.com

Absolutely horrendous service . I paid £20 for this service the Parcel was sent for three days Delivery to china after seven days online tracking says it is still sitting in London . there is no update , No Call center , No Email address , Just an Online line chat that is Facebook based and even he did not know what is wrong and when I complained he didn’t like it and disconnected.

So Stuck in a Limbo at the moment .

And they have the audacity to send me an email asking me did we do !

This is undoubtedly the worst parcel service the UK DONOT use Parcel2GO ever .

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  1. I also had P2G blame late delivery on customs and it wasn’t held in customs at all… it wasn’t delivered until 5 days after their estimated due date because the word ‘street’ was missing it’s last letter because their computer’s data entry box wasn’t long enough for it to be typed in full so they did not put it out for delivery because there was an ‘incorrect address’ on it!!!! Despite the fact that a two year old could work out that ‘stree’ would probably mean ‘street’ and the fact I had given the name, phone number and email of the recipient they made no attempt to clarify the address and eventually the receiver contacted them and resolved the query so it could be put out for delivery. DPD (who were the subcontractor on this occasion) admitted it was terrible service (because along with delivery fiasco they had also failed to collect so I had delivered it to their depot for them!) and DPD offered me a refund. P2G were furious DPD had admitted the truth to me because it left their ‘customs delay which we have no control over’ lie in tatters… they still won’t agree to refund me as it’s ‘not their policy’ ‘even if I were a BIG company spending lots of money with them’ they would not help me further. And they wonmt refer me to a manager because the ‘manager will tell me the same thing as they have and it’s a waste of time’ ? what a joke. So annoyed…

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