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imagesThe mantra that the Customer is King is the premise that any product design, production, distribution and marketing should have one central focus at the core of all decision-making: the customer.
Companies still fail to live up to that expectation – the majority of dissatisfied customers will not complain, they will simply change suppliers.

Which is why it is so surprising that business, to a large extent, is still failing to address the issue of customer service.

According to research conducted in the UK by Citizens Advice, a consistent set of issues were mentioned by consumers, from robotic call centres to hard-sell extended warranties, missed appointments, and poor after-sales service, among others.

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The Frustrated Customers Idea! offers a platform on the internet giving voice to your complaint and poor services you have received from companies conducting business in the UK.

Use as a 24/7 complaints department and as means of pressure on companies that give you grieve or simply ignore you. You’d be surprised who has their eye on this site – the reason it works is because we work hard to make sure that your messages show up prominently in Google results.

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thumbs-upNot all customer services are disappointing. So if you have come across a company that has an excellent customer service than shout about it.

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